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We are located in Shenzhen China, supplying professional mould making & injection moulding services for international companies for more than 10 years, capable of designing the mould & products based on your companies' requirements and making cost-effective injection moulding for your plastic parts. Hundreds of existing customers from America & Europe are happy with our services and willing to recommend their friend companies to make mould in our factory, also doing reference per our request for new customers.
With the development of automotive industry, plastic parts have become important part of automobiles. In developed countries, the amount of plastic parts used in automobiles has even become an important indicator of the level of automotive design and manufacturing. We can't list all the plastic parts on the car. Just list a few important automotive plastic parts. Maybe you don't know they are plastic parts.
Automobile plastic Parts
The bumper shell should be the most grievous automobile plastic parts. Many consumers mistakenly think that it is the body of the bumper. The main function of the bumper casing is cushioning and energy absorption. Due to the complicated working environment and large volume, it is generally made of polypropylene (PP) with good quality and good corrosion resistance.
Aco Mould is Chinese plastic injection mould maker located in Shenzhen, China, founded in 2006, mainly develops, designs and manufactures all kinds of plastic injection  moulds, and provides one-stop services such as external injection moulding, spray coating, silk screen printing, pad printing, electroplating and injection moulded parts assembly. We offer custom injection mould making and plastic parts production for global companies.
China plastic injection mould maker
If you want to customize the plastic injection mould in Chinese local factory for your company, you need to find China plastic injection mould makers to get a quote, please contact us by email and provide the following information:
  1. Plastic part drawings (2D, 3D) or templates are required. Simple shape products can also provide only specific size.
  2. The number of mould cavity
  3. Plastic part materials
  4. Plastic part color
  5. Injection mould service life
  6. Surface treatment, such polish and grinding etc
(Accurate and detailed information can get more professional and accurate quotation)
Whether the selected injection mould factory regards you as an important customer, that is, whether they value you, this is very important. In fact, looking for a supplier is like looking for an object, but also paying attention to the door-to-door. If your own company's financial strength is not strong and the order amount is not big, blindly choose large-scale mould factory cooperation, sometimes the money spent on them, but they don't take you seriously, at present many large injection mould factories are not responsible for the small orders, because you can't reach their requirements in terms of order amount, it will give you the feeling of taking a hot face to touch people's cold butt, this metaphor may not be appropriate, but it is also more relevant and realistic.
Injection mould

In this case, most people will choose small and medium-sized injection mould factories. After all, the price of injection moulds and plastic products is more acceptable. But soon you will find that worrying things are coming again. Can the injection mould be completed on time? Can the quality of injection moulds be good? What is the mass production of the injection mould? What is the life of the injection mould?
In order to ensure the smooth process of injection moulding and make the plastic moulded products quality meet the requirements, a series of preparatory work must be done before plastic injection moulding, including the inspection, coloring and drying of raw materials, the cleaning of material barrel, the preheating of inserts and the selection of demoulding agents.
How to find a reliable professional injection moulding manufacturer with reasonable price in China has been a concern of many customers. Many customers will worry that the quality of plastic moulded parts doesn't meet the requirements, and the delivery time won't be on time. And there are so many injection moulding companies on the internet, they don't know which is the most formal and reliable, which is most suitable for them. For these questions, ACO Mould will provide you with some ideas.
ABS is commonly known as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and is a copolymer of three monomers of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. Due to the different ratios of the three monomers, it has different properties and melting temperatures. If the ABS with flow performance is mixed with other plastics or additives, the use and properties of ABS will be expanded, such as impact grade, heat resistance, flame retardant grade, transparent grade, enhanced grade, electroplating grade, etc.
The deformation, bending and twisting of injection moulded parts are mainly caused by the fact that the shrinkage rate of the flow direction during plastic moulding is larger than that of the vertical direction, so that the shrinkage ratio of the parts is different and causing warpage and deformation. Warpage is also caused by that there is greater internal stress remaining inside the injection moulded part during injection moulding. All of them are manifestation of deformation caused by high stress orientation. Therefore, fundamentally speaking, mould design determines the warping tendency of injection moulded part. It is very difficult to suppress this tendency by changing the moulding conditions. Finally, the problem must be solved from the mould design and improvement. Warpage of injection moulded parts is mainly caused by following 3 aspects.
Injection mould is a tool for producing plastic products, it is also the tool that gives plastic products complete structure and precise dimensions. With the rapid development of plastics industry and the promotion and application of plastic products in the industrial sectors such as aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery, shipbuilding and automobiles, the requirements for moulds are becoming higher and higher, and traditional mould design methods are unable to adapt to today's requirements. Compared with traditional mould design, computer-aided engineering (CAE) technology has great advantages in terms of improving productivity, ensuring product quality, reducing cost and reducing labor intensity. Today, our lives are closely related to plastic products, and plastic moulds are the most important and main tool for producing plastic products. Therefore, the price of plastic injection moulds has become an aspect of increasing concern.
We all know that although product will make hand board for verification before development and it will not start the mould project until the product is ok. But after mould test, it is still inevitable to be modified. Whether injection mould manufacturers should charge the fee of mould modification? How should the product developer avoid mould modification and reduce the cost of mould modification? There is a difference between modifying the mould and repairing the mould. The mould repair is caused by the reasons of injection moulding factory itself, and the mould needs to be repaired. The modification of mould is caused by the reason of customer factors, the product design need to be changed etc.
With the development of society, and with the enhancement of design and injection mould manufacturing, and the realization of new technology of injection mould, injection mould quality has received more and more attention. Injection mould quality is improved with the improvement of injection mould technology.
3D Design of Injection Mould
Molded parts flash Injection mould parting line, sliding surface, release pin, pad and so on, constitute a variety of slot gap between the moulds. The inflow material will cause flash. The flash looks like wedge-shaped blocks. It is gradually trend to be bigger.

The general principle to eliminate plastic parts flashes is to fix the injection mould. If the flash is caused by improper configuration, we should reduce cylinder and mould temperature, and reduce injection speed, in order to reduce material flow ability. However, it should be noted that cause a residual stress in the plastic parts.

It should be noted that add too much pressure on the injection mould will produce flashes. Foreign matters between the parting surfaces will cause damage to the mould and produce flash.Injection mould material commonly used materials such as S50C or pre-hardening HRC30 special steel, in this way, the parting surface is difficult to produce flash.
There are many different ways to calculate the an injection mould price, but, they have one thing in common, that is taking efforts to make technical and economic indicators organically combine in order to produce mutual benefits. It will make the injection mould to have competitive prices from the valuation to offer, to contract and to the settlement price.

Empirical Calculation Method
Mould price=material cost + design + process and profit + VAT + tryout cost + packing and shipping cost. Usually in the ratio:
  • Material cost: materials and standard parts accounted for 15%-30% of the total cost of the injection mould;
  • Process and profit: 30%-50%;
  • Design fees: 10%-15% of the total cost;
  • Tryout cost: medium-sized mould can be controlled within 3% while small precision moulds controlled within 5%;
  • Packing and shipping cost: according to the actual or calculated at 3% of the total;
  • VAT: 17%.

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