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We are located in Shenzhen China, supplying professional mould making & injection moulding services for international companies for more than 10 years, capable of designing the mould & products based on your companies' requirements and making cost-effective injection moulding for your plastic parts. Hundreds of existing customers from America & Europe are happy with our services and willing to recommend their friend companies to make mould in our factory, also doing reference per our request for new customers.
ACO Mold is a one-stop injection moulding factory that provides plastic injection mould design &manufacturing, injection moulding, surface coating, electroplating and product assembly. We have more than 9,000 square meters of standard manufacturing plant, equipped with a full set of precision mould processing workshops and ordinary mould processing workshops, measuring instrument testing laboratory, injection moulding workshop, providing customers with one-stop high, medium and low-end injection moulds manufacturing & Injection Moulding & Product Assembly Services to meet customer product development needs. The factory is equipped with a series of equipment such as CNC machining center, engraving machine, spark machine, wire cutting, grinding machine, milling machine, drilling machine and lathe etc.

Do you have the following problems when customizing plastic products?
---Mould type selection: Can't grasp the product features
---Injection mould price: The price is too high to accept
---Mass processing: Injection moulding quality is unstable
---Injection moulding products spraying: The appearance of injection moulding products does not meet the requirements
---Slow delivery: Cannot be delivered on time and in volume

Choose ACO Mould as your partner in injection moulding, these problems will be solved!
1. Professional mould type selection:
We have a variety of private mould, and have 1000 + mould design experience, so we can fully understand the product characteristics of various industries, to provide customers with excellent mould type selection services.
2. Competitive price
Our injection molds are very cost-effective, so ACO Mold can provides you with a more reasonable, more competitive and lower price.
Injection mould
Why choose us as your partner in mould making & injection moulding?
We provide one-stop service of plastic injection mould making & injection moulding in Shenzhen China. Our company's moulds and plastic products are used in various fields. We also have many years of manufacturing experience in these fields that have high precision and shape requirement, such as automotive, digital industry and so on, and have been well received by foreign customers.

If your product is still in the concept stage, and you are looking for China plastic injection mould manufacturer, you only need to present your ideas, product features and appearance requirements. Our engineers will give you the best solution, recommend the most suitable materials, and help you take the lead in the market. We can provide you with a complete mould trial video, as well as 10 test samples, and all other data reports (including mould test report and test data report) to ensure that the can produce the plastic parts that will satisfy you! We look forward to working with you on the next project to create the perfect product! So welcome to the contact page above to get a free quote!
Mould project review meetingPlastic injection moulding conditions
1. Injection mould making conditions in ACO Mold
ACO Mold injection moulding company has professional CNC workshop, DME workshop, deep hole drilling and other mould production equipment. The precision of the mould can reach +/-0.02mm, the length can reach 2000mm, and the weight can reach 20T. We can have accurate technical analysis based on the customer’s drawings or samples and provide customers with fast and high-quality technical services.

Mould making and processing workshop: We have high-speed CNC machining workshop, DME processing workshop, wire cutting workshop, deep hole drilling, spark machine, and mould assembly workshop etc.
Rapid Tooling (is also known as rapid injection moulding) is a tool that shapes a product of a certain shape, size, and surface accuracy in its specific shape. It is mainly used in large-scale production. Although the production and manufacturing costs of moulds are relatively high, the cost per product is greatly reduced due to mass production.
In order to meet the customer's schedule requirements, and the product size and surface have a good consistency, speeding up the development and verification of the product, the rapid mould manufacturing within 100-1000 sets can be satisfied here.
Rapid injection moulding
Most people think that 3D printing is a good substitute for injection moulding that requires mould making. Is this really the case? At the moment, 3D printing has already had a huge impact on the manufacturing industry. The prototype that used to cost a few hundred dollars and took weeks to process can now be designed in the morning, printed at night, and delivered to customers the next morning.
ACO Mold - plastic injection moulding manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China, established in 2000, mainly develops, designs and manufactures all kinds of plastic injection moulds, and provides one-stop services such as external injection moulding, spray coating, silk screen printing, pad printing, electroplating and injection moulded parts assembly. We offer custom injection mould making and plastic parts production for global companies. China plastic injection mould makerWe serve a wide range of industrial, including household application, auto, electronic, medical, agriculture etc. All in all, ACO Mold provide below service:
  1. CAD design/mould flow analysis/DFM
  2. Custom injection mould
  3. Plastic injection moulding
  4. Prototyping, small volume production
  5. Painting, skill printing, assembly
We have an experienced mould design team, familiar with various mould design standards in China, Europe, America, Japan, etc. We are skilled in applying various software to do mould and product design. We have 3 engineers with more than 20 years experience, 8 engineers with more than 10 years experience, and 15 engineers with more than 5 years experience in the mould industry. We look forward to working with you on the next project to create the perfect product! So welcome to the contact page above to get a free quote!
Whether the selected injection mould factory regards you as an important customer, that is, whether they value you, this is very important. In fact, looking for a supplier is like looking for an object, but also paying attention to the door-to-door. If your own company's financial strength is not strong and the order amount is not big, blindly choose large-scale mould factory cooperation, sometimes the money spent on them, but they don't take you seriously, at present many large injection mould factories are not responsible for the small orders, because you can't reach their requirements in terms of order amount, it will give you the feeling of taking a hot face to touch people's cold butt, this metaphor may not be appropriate, but it is also more relevant and realistic.
Injection mould

In this case, most people will choose small and medium-sized injection mould factories. After all, the price of injection moulds and plastic products is more acceptable. But soon you will find that worrying things are coming again. Can the injection mould be completed on time? Can the quality of injection moulds be good? What is the mass production of the injection mould? What is the life of the injection mould?
Mould is the mother of industry. As the precursor of the mother of industry, the importance of mould steel to injection moulds is self-evident. And the cost of injection mould is also derived from the mould steel, because the injection mould manufacturer also quotes the price of the mould according to the price of the materials that mould use, such as the material coefficient method: plastic mould = 6 * material fee.
Calculate with experience:
Injection mould price = material fee + design fee + processing fee and profit + value added tax + mould trial fee + packaging transportation fee
How to find a reliable professional injection moulding manufacturer with reasonable price in China has been a concern of many customers. Many customers will worry that the quality of plastic moulded parts doesn't meet the requirements, and the delivery time won't be on time. And there are so many injection moulding companies on the internet, they don't know which is the most formal and reliable, which is most suitable for them. For these questions, ACO Mould will provide you with some ideas.
The quality of plastic injection mould is one of the aspects that the customer cares very much. When the mould is produced out, the customer is most concerned about the mould quality. Because the quality of plastic injection mould is closely related to the injection moulded products. How to judge plastic injection mould quality is difficult, especially business on internet. The mould is different from other products, that we can't ship samples to customers to judge the quality. Since it is impossible to look with naked eye and touch to judge the quality of the mould, we can only find some ways to judge the quality of plastic injection mould remotely.
The gating system is also known as the runner system, which is a set of feed channels that direct the plastic melt from the nozzle of injection moulding machine to the cavity, typically consisting of main runner, branch runner, gate and cold slug well. It is directly related to the injection moulding quality and production efficiency of plastic products.
Since the shrinkage rate of plastic injection moulding is greatly affected by the moulding conditions, the shrinkage rate is not a fixed value, but a range. In the specific processing process, if various processing conditions can increase the moulding shrinkage rate, we can take 4 % as the specific shrinkage rate. If the specific moulding conditions are favorable for the reduction of moulding shrinkage ratio, 2.5% can be selected as the specific shrinkage ratio. Of course, the latter method is more difficult.
Injection mould is a tool for producing plastic products, it is also the tool that gives plastic products complete structure and precise dimensions. With the rapid development of plastics industry and the promotion and application of plastic products in the industrial sectors such as aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery, shipbuilding and automobiles, the requirements for moulds are becoming higher and higher, and traditional mould design methods are unable to adapt to today's requirements. Compared with traditional mould design, computer-aided engineering (CAE) technology has great advantages in terms of improving productivity, ensuring product quality, reducing cost and reducing labor intensity. Today, our lives are closely related to plastic products, and plastic moulds are the most important and main tool for producing plastic products. Therefore, the price of plastic injection moulds has become an aspect of increasing concern.
The hot runner injection moulding method was introduced in the 1950s. After a long period of promotion, its application penetration rate has increased year by year. In the mid-1980s, hot runner injection moulds in the United States accounted for 15% to 17% of the total number of injection moulds, 12% to 15% in Europe and about 10% in Japan. However, in the 1990s, hot runner injection moulds accounted for more than 40% of plastic injection moulds produced in the United States, and accounted for more than 90% of injection moulds for large products.

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