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5 Features of Injection Mould Making

Compared with other types of moulds such as stamping dies and die-casting dies, there 5 obvious features of injection mould making. The analysis given by ACO Mold is as follows:

1. The mould cavity and core are three-dimensional
The outer and inner shape of the plastic part is directly moulded by the mould cavity and the core. These complicated three-dimensional surface processing is relatively difficult, especially the moulding surface in blind hole of the mould cavity. If the traditional injection mould making method is used, mould makers are required to have high technical level, many auxiliary fixtures, many tools are required, and the injection mould making cycle is long.

2. High requirement for precision and surface quality, long injection mould service life is required
At present, the dimensional accuracy of general injection moulded parts is IT6-7, and the surface roughness is Ra0.2-0.1m. The dimensional accuracy of the corresponding injection mould parts is required to reach IT5-6 and the surface roughness Ra is less than 0.1m. The surface roughness recorded by the laser disk should reach 0.02-0.01 m of the level of mirror processing, which requires the mould surface roughness to be less than 0.01 m.

Long-life plastic injection moulds are important to improve injection moulding efficiency and reduce injection moulding costs of large volume injection moulding. At present, the service life of injection moulds generally requires more than 1 million times. Precision injection moulds use a rigid mould base, increase the thickness of the template, increase the support column or tapered positioning elements to prevent the mould from deformation of after withstanding pressure. Sometimes the internal pressure can reach 100MPa. The ejector device is an important factor affecting the deformation and dimensional accuracy of the plastic product, so the best ejector point should be selected to make the demoulding evenly. Most of the high-precision injection moulds making are inlaid or fully assembled in the structure, which makes the processing precision and interchangeability of the mould parts to be greatly improved.
Injection mould making
3. Injection mould making time is tight
For injection moulded parts, most of them are matched with other plastic parts to form a complete product. In many cases, other parts have been completed, and eagerly awaiting the listing of injection moulded parts. Because the requirement for the shape or dimensional accuracy of the plastic product is very high, and because the characteristics of the resin material are different, after injection mould making, it is necessary to repeatedly perform mould trial and correct the mould, so the development and delivery time of injection mould making is very tight.

4. Off-site plastic product design, off-site injection mould making and injection moulding
Injection mould making is not the ultimate goal, but the finished product design is proposed by the product company. The injection mould manufacturer designs and manufactures the plastic injection mould according to the requirements of the product company. In some cases, the mould design and the injection moulding of plastic product is also not in the same injection moulding factory. This has led to the design of plastic part, the mould design and mould making, and the injection moulding are in different injection moulding factories.

5. Professional division of labor, dynamic combination in injection mould making
Low volume injection mould making generally belongs to the manufacturing of single piece mould. But the injection mould needs a lot of standard mould parts, from the mould base to the small eject pin. These cannot be completed by only one manufacturer, and the manufacturing process is complicated, common equipment and numerical control. Equipment usage is extremely uneven.

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