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China Plastic Injection Mould Manufacturer

In recent years, the mould industry has been developing rapidly, the number of plastic injection mould manufacturer is also increasing, and its regional distribution features have gradually taken shape. From the perspective of regional distribution, the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta and Anhui have been developing rapidly. Guangdong is now China's most important mould market, and is China's largest mould export and import province. More than 40 percent of the national output value of moulds came from Guangdong province, and the rate of CNC machining equipment and equipment performance, mould processing technology, production specialization and standards are leading other provinces and cities in China. Currently, 5 of the top 10 plastic injection mould manufacturers in China are from Guangdong, and the world's largest supplier of die frames and Asia's largest plastic injection mould manufacturer are in Guangdong, China. With the further optimization of industrial structure in Guangdong, the development of many industries, such as petrochemicals, automobile, high and new technology, has put forward higher requirements for plastic injection mould manufacturers in Guangdong, China. Mould manufacturing in Guangdong will become more and more sophisticated in the next few years.

ACO Mold - plastic injection mould manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China, established in 2000, mainly develops, designs and manufactures all kinds of plastic injection moulds, and provides one-stop services such as external injection moulding, spray coating, silk screen printing, pad printing, electroplating and injection moulded parts assembly. Our injection mould factories are in Shenzhen and Dongguan. We offer custom injection mould making and plastic parts manufacturing for global companies. We serve a wide range of industrial, including household application, auto, electronic, medical, agriculture etc. All in all, ACO Mold provide below service:
  • CAD design/mould flow analysis/DFM
  • Custom injection mould
  • Plastic injection moulding
  • Prototyping, low volume injection moulding
  • Painting, skill printing, assembly
4 advantages of ACO Mold injection mould manufacturer
We are the preferred injection mould supplier of injection mould making &injection moulding manufacturing. We have the below 4 advantages in many China plastic injection mould manufacturers.
1. Injection mould manufacturer with high quality injection moulds making and injection moulding
  • Large-scale production base equipped with strong R&D, production, sales team, multiple production lines, and guaranteed delivery.
  • Rich experience makes our injection moulds making more reasonable and more efficient, greatly reducing the post injection moulding cost.
  • Fine workmanship, skilled craftsmanship, one-time investment to avoid subsequent repeated repairs.
  • ACO Mold injection mould manufacturer provide the one-stop service of injection mould making & injection moulding, to avoid the hassle of finding multiple suppliers.
2. Injection mould manufacturer with strict quality control system, the rich experience of cooperating with the world's top 500
  • Through Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Amazon International Audit.
  • Products from design to raw material procurement, production processes, finished product testing, etc. are carried out in accordance with international high standards.
  • Supply to Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer.
3."0" cost for making your own plastic injection moulds
  • ACO Mold injection mould manufacturer is not only your mould supplier, but also your budget expert. Free cost injection mould making solutions, to minimize research and development costs.
  • Save injection mould cost for you, which can be used for company reward reserve funds, company new project development, etc.
4. One-stop production service, the plastic injection mould factory is by your side
  • One-to-one “housekeeping” order tracking service from order to delivery, real-time reporting of orders, allowing you to “manage” injection moulding plants at zero distance.
  • 7*24 hour fast response mechanism to meet your order needs.
China plastic injection mould factory
China one-stop custom mould making, injection moulding service process
  1. China injection mould manufacturer receive an inquiry: Fill in the requirements and submit the engineering staff to follow up.
  2. Mould making quotation: Make a quotation based on the budget given by the engineer.
  3. Place injection mould making order: Signed a “Mould making Agreement” with the customer and charged the mould making cost.
  4. Delivery of the mould: Making sample board, and confirm the mould with customer, after confirming, charge the mould making tail cost.
  5. Product quotation: Communicate with customers according to customized solutions and sign "order framework contract".
  6. Mass production of products: Place an order, arrange production matters, and report the production situation to customers in real time by mail or telephone.
  7. Product assembly: Plastic injection mould manufacturer report the packaging cycle to customers in real time by mail and phone.
  8. Injection moulded parts shipment: Load goods into the cabinet according to the delivery time, and take photos and reporting the details of the package transportation.
After-sales commitment of plastic injection mould manufacturer
Due to the special nature of the injection mould products, we can assist in solving mould problems by telephone, network video and other means. We will respond and provide solutions within 24 hours.

Plastic injection mould manufacturer will indicate the mould production cycle in the contract, such as the warranty within 500,000-time (except for the damage caused by human factors), including product dimensional accuracy and appearance requirements and service time. Plastic injection mould manufacturer will also provide you with free replacement of mould parts within 180 days (such as thimbles, clamps, etc.).

Fully equipped injection mould factory
ACO Mold injection moulding company uses a variety of advanced software and precision equipment, including industrial modeling software such as PARAFORM, ALIAS, PRO/E, SOLIDWORKS etc and FREEFORM three-dimensional engraving software; CNC machining center, EDM, rapid prototyping machine and so on. At the same time, we also has the most advanced measuring instruments: CMM projector, ATOS wave optical coordinate measuring instrument, 3D measuring instrument, CYCLONE high-speed precision metering machine and so on. With the latest CAD/CNC/CAM mould assisted design and processing technology, advanced software and testing methods, plastic injection mould manufacturer provide one-stop service of injection mould making & injection moulding for our customers with the shortest time, the fastest speed and the most reasonable price.

If you don't know where to buy moulds for plastic injection and don't know how to choose an injection mould manufacturer, we look forward to receiving your email. To make a new injection mould, the first thing you need to do is 3D drawings, and then analyze how to make the mould (size, structure, materials, cost reduction and so on), the key is how to connect the injection mould supplier's engineers with your companies' demands. Like our injection mould factory, we worked well with German and British companies for five years. So if you have a new custom mould making project next time, you can send the drawings to us for testing.

Welcome to ACO Mold injection moulding company and contact us. The mould engineers from ACO Mold will give you the best solution, and recommend the suitable materials for you. We are ready and looking forward to cooperate with your next project. You will be happy and satisfied to be our partner in mould making and injection moluding project.

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