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Control Technology of Injection Mould

With the rapid development of injection mould industry in recent years, at the same time, new technology, new technology application range widening and progress, from traditional experience to the application of software development has been a qualitative change. Wide application of CAD, CAM and CAE for our injection mould and injection mould product geometry control technology opened up the space, due to the injection mould and injection mould product market demand difference is very big, wide variety, in shape, size, material, the change of structure and so on various aspects, and demand is high, we in the injection mould and product production encountered many problems and difficulties in the process, including how to effectively control the geometry size of injection mould and products is directly in front of us. There will be different control techniques and methods for different types of injection moulds and products. Today, we will talk about the size control of injection moulding products, and will refer to injection mould by the way.

Control of injection mould design
  • We should be fully aware of injection mould structure, material, hardness, precision and so on which are users’ technical requirements, including whether the shrinking percentage of injection moulding plastic material is correct, whether the 3D shape of the product is complete, then handle and analyze reasonably.injection mould
  • It is necessary to consider the shrinkage cavity, flow marks, weld line, crack and so on of injection mould products.
  • As far as possible, the machining method of the injection mould can be simplified as far as possible without hindering the function and design of the product.
  • Whether the selection of the parting surface is appropriate, and it is necessary to make careful selection of the injection mould processing, shaping appearance and forming part deburring.
  • Whether the way of pushing the top of the injection moulded products is appropriate, it adopts push rod, discharge plate, push top sleeve, or other ways, whether the position of putter and discharge plate is appropriate.
  • Whether the adoption of the side core pulling mechanism is appropriate, the action is flexible and reliable, and should not be stuck. 
  • Which way of temperature control is more appropriate for plastic products, choose different structural circulatory system for controlling warm oil, controlling warm water, cooling liquid and so on. Whether the size, position and quantity of coolant holes is appropriate.
  • Whether the gate form, the size of feed and feed port, gate position and size is appropriate.
  • Whether the selection of standard parts is appropriate, and pay attention to all kinds of modules and injection mould core heat treatment deformation effect.
  • Whether the injection quantity of injection moulding machine, injection pressure and clamping force are sufficient, nozzle, gate sleeve aperture and so on whether match appropriately. We should make comprehensive analysis of some aspects, which should be strictly controlled from the initial stage of the product.
Control of process manufacturing
Although the full consideration and arrangement has been made at the design stage, but there will be many problems and difficulties in actual production. We should try our best to meet the original intention of design in production, and find out more effective and economical technological means in actual processing.
  • Select the appropriate machine tools for 2D and 3D processing.
  • Also can consider the appropriate jig for production of auxiliary preparation, use tool reasonally to prevent the occurrence of deformation, prevent shrinkage rate fluctuations, prevent product deinjection moulding deformation, improve the accuracy of injection mould manufacturing, reduce the error, prevent the change of precision injection mould and so on, a series of production process requirement and the solution measures.
Production control
  • Material temperature, injection mould temperature control, the temperature of the different material have different requirements, there will be different thing for different use, should put the plastic material control within the scope of the optimal flow value, these are usually easy to do, but injection mould temperature control is more complex, different forming geometric shape, size, thickness ratio has certain requirements for cooling system, injection mould temperature to a great extent, control the cooling time, so try to keep the injection mould in a state of low temperature which can be allowed, it's good for shortening the injection cycle, improving the efficiency of production, injection mould temperature changes, shrinkage rate will change, and injection mould temperature stable, dimensional accuracy and stability, thus preventing the moulding parts defects such as deformation, bad lustre, cool spot, make the physical properties of the plastic is in the best condition, of course there is a process of debugging, especially multi - cavity injection moulding part is more complicated.injection product
  • Adjustment and control of pressure and exhaust: appropriate injection pressure and the match of clamping force should be sure when debugging injection mould, the injection mould cavity and core formed by the gap in the air and gas produced by plastic must be discharged from exhaust slot injection mould, if poor exhaust will cause insufficient fill, welding scar or burns, sometimes the three forming defects will appear in the same place, when the thick wall exists in forming thin wall parts, injection mould temperature is too low will will cause insufficient fill, injection mould temperature is too high will appear burn phenomenon, usually in the burned area will appear welding scar, exhaust slot is often neglected, usually in a small state, so vent groove as long as without burrs, the depth of the convex shoulder as far as possible be more deep, convex shoulder at the back of the opening size larger, for that the gas through convex shoulder can be discharged quickly.
  • Supplementary control of the dimension of injection moulding parts: some plastic parts because of different shape and size, along with the change of temperature and pressure loss after deinjection moulding, will occur deformed and so on, then can make some auxiliary fixture adjustment, take remedial measures in time after ejection, after waiting for natural cooling and formed, then can obtain good correction and adjustment effect. If strict management is ensured throughout the injection moulding process, the size of the injection moulded parts will be well controlled.

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