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Factors Affect the Time of Injection Mould Making

Injection mould is a tool by injection mould factory used to produce plastic products. It refers to the melted plastic injected into the cavity by injection moulding machine, then formed after cooling and curing. In the process of mould manufacturing, it is very important to determine the delivery date of the moulds, so what factors are related to the time of making the injection mould? So let me introduce to you.
injection mould making

The time of injection moulding products depends on the difficulty of product structure, size of product size, number of product holes, product requirements, product material performance and other factors:
  1. Product structure: the more complex the plastic parts, the more difficult it is to make the mould. In terms of technical terms, the more plastic parting surface, the more the assembly, the position, the hole position and the bars, the more difficult the processing, the longer the mould making. The more complex the mould structure, the lower the quality and the more problems.
  2. Product size: the larger the product, the longer the processing time of natural mould and spare parts.
  3. Product requirements: according to the different requirements of customers, the appearance of the surface is sub-surface or glossy or mirror? Dimensional accuracy and assembly position tolerances, combined with the requirements of line and artline, assembly of parts and components, etc.
  4. Performance of product materials: the requirements for the mould steel and the processing requirements are different, and the time will be different.
  5. The mould cavity number: it is a set of mould out several products which is depend on customers, the time of making two products is longer than one product. In general, a small number of mould cavities in the early stage of new product development can satisfy the production and guarantee the highest cost performance.
The above is the analysis of the time and factors related to the completion time of injection moulds made by ACO Mold manufacturer. We hope to provide you with reference. In general, a set of mould is usually 30 days, precise and complex is 50 days, even more than 75 days.

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