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How to Charge Fee When Modifying Injection Mould?

We all know that although product will make hand board for verification before development and it will not start the mould project until the product is ok. But after mould test, it is still inevitable to be modified. Whether injection mould manufacturers should charge the fee of mould modification? How should the product developer avoid mould modification and reduce the cost of mould modification? There is a difference between modifying the mould and repairing the mould. The mould repair is caused by the reasons of injection moulding factory itself, and the mould needs to be repaired. The modification of mould is caused by the reason of customer factors, the product design need to be changed etc.

Many China injection mould manufacturers promise that they can provide minor modifications service after mould trial. Watch out the small modification they promised. Many product developers don’t understand the mould structure, thinking that change the appearance of mould is just a small modification. In fact, adding a hook or changing the product size will requires mould has a big change, so there will be a series of mould modification costs. What are the common methods for mould modification? Reducing glue for products requires welding and iron or cutting inserts, and adding glue requires CNC or re-electrode discharge. However, whether it is reducing glue or adding glue for electrode discharge and injection mould trial, what is an indispensable link. For moulds with profit margins, it is acceptable to make minor changes for free after mould trial. But for some moulds that are simple in structure, transparent in price, and less profitable, it is tantamount to reprocessing the mould base after mould trial. Every processing part is essential. So plastic injection mould manufacturers will charge some mould modification fees. It makes some product developers difficult to understand, after all, from their view, it is an easy things for injection mould factory to help make it. The mould market is fiercely competitive. In general, The mould quotation of plastic injection mould manufacturers including three minor modifications (excluding design changes) and mould trial costs. The times of mould modification is more, and profit margins are smaller. Some injection mould manufacturers may even out of cost. So the cost of each processing link won’t be free.
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Before start the mould product project, hand board must be done several times to confirm the structure, appearance and overall effect until completely satisfied. The cost of hand board making is lower than the cost of mould modification, and faster. Reducing the times of mould modification can shorten product development cycle. In addition, in the design and manufacturing of injection mould, for some closely fitting parts, we should relatively leave some assembly gaps to avoid assembly interference. Because adding glue for moulds is easier than reducing glue.

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