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How to Color Products in Injection Moulding Process?

There are many different colors of injection moulded products in the market. How to color products in injection moulding process? Below is 3 common coloring methods for injection moulded parts.

  1. The compound coloring method is the most accurate injection moulding coloring technology, which can produce accurate, reproducible and appropriate shades of color, which is most suitable for small batch production. Most of commercial plastics are colored in injection moulding process, and most of engineering plastics are already colored before sold.
  2. Injection mould processing color masterbatch coloring methods have granular materials and liquid materials, can be adjusted into a variety of colors. Pellets are most common, and the use of masterbatch is that mixing the plastic and masterbatch in proportion, and then deliver the mixture or masterbatch into the injection moulding machine. The advantages are: reducing the dust problem, reducing the cost of raw materials, and storing more conveniently.
  3. Injection moulding dry toner coloring method is the cheapest, its shortcomings are vacuuming and dirty when used. To ensure that the color of the production process is uniform and accurate, use a specific size bag or carton to hold the correct amount of dry toner. When coloring with dry toner, the surface of plastic pellets must be covered with a uniform colorant so that the color can be evenly distributed in the melt. The method and time of mixing should have a standard to ensure uniform coloration. Once the coloring step is determined, it must be consistent. In addition, it is also necessary to prevent the toner from absorbing moisture during storage, otherwise it is easy to freeze and cause marking on the injection moulded parts.

It can be seen that the 3 coloring methods of injection moulded parts have their own advantages. The injection moulding companies needs to select the appropriate coloring method according to its own products to make the processed products have good quality, which can not only meet the requirements of customers but also reduce the cost, to maximize economic benefits.

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