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How to Make Plastic Die Sinking without Drawing?

Under the circumstance of without drawing, plastic injection moulding company can provide the product copy data service to make plastic die sinking according to the sample. Below is the process of die sinking:

Step 1 Copying the data of your sample, which called the 3D scan. Scanning the product appearance to be a 3D document. It is generally saved to be xt,igs and stp form. Using the common 3D software, such as UG, PROE, SOLIDWORKS to open it. And then Check the scan size in the 3D imagine after scanning, to ensure whether it is consistent with the size of your sample. In general, there would be a small error. But it is okay within the tolerance band.
Plastic Injection Mould Factory

Step 2 After getting the 3D drawing documents, injection moulding factory start to do the product analysis. Analysis mainly including the following 5 aspects:

  • Whether the product structure can be demoulded successfully when open-dieļ¼Ÿ
  • Is there any under-cut to produce out?
  • Is the slope of demoulding enough?
  • Where is the gate?
  • Is it made to be cold runner or hot runner?
After checking that the 3D drawing have no anything to be changed, and then transfer it to 2D drawing document to make the product pictures. And marking the size and the tolerance of all the key part. When die sinking finished and injection moulding product produced out, to make the data testing report, which ensure the product size we produced is consistent with the original mould size.
Mould 2D Drawing

Step 3 After above steps, injection moulding factory began to do the plastic injection mould design. Drawing the 2D injection mould structure picture first, then the structure picture will show the whole injection mould structure clearly. After the injection mould structure picture, we will do 3D mould parting. To do the 3D mould parting according to the 2D. After parting, separate every component into parts. Transfer the 3D picture into 2D and distribute to the mould-made worker and the NC processing department. The parting core will be programmed by CNC programmer and then enter into the NC processing center.

Step 4 According to the picture, the mould-made worker began to process the mould base, drill water, eject pin hole, screw hole. The mould base we bought usually was standard, LKM is common.

Step 5
After the whole process, begin to combine all the injection mould components. After this, check whether the injection mould joint is well matched. If it is not in place, it needs to be repaired until to match well. Then it can enter the injection mould testing process at the forming machine. The injection muold testing of first time called T1, the second time called T2, by parity of reasoning. In general, 3 times is enough, unless the structure of injeciton mould is very complex or terrible. After each testing, if there are any unqualified place, we will self-criticism and improve, and after repairing to test again.
 Injection Mould Injection Moulded Parts

Step 6
After testing, the injection mould is eligible, and then waiting for banknote printing at last.

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