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How to Process and Produce Injection Mould Products?

Plastic products are now produced by using the injection mould in moulding machine processed by injection moulding, such as all kinds of household appliances,digital products shell. It is common in our daily life. Below is the process of processing and producing injection mould products:

Step 1 Heating and preplastification

Screw is under the driving of the drive system to transport forward the material of the hopper compaction. Under the mix effect of shear of screw and barrel and the heater and the friction, the material melt gradually and there are a certain amount of molten plastic at the head of cylinder. Under the pressure of the melt, the screw back slowly. The distance of receding is subjected to the amount required for an infusion of the metering device. And then the screw stops rotating and receding when the desired injection amount is reached.

Step 2 Closing and locking
The clamping mechanism push the mould and the moving mould part of moving mould to be closed and locked with moving mould part, which in order to ensure the moulding can provide enough clamping force to make the mold locking.

Step 3 The injection device moved forward
When the compound die is finished, the whole injection seat is pushed forward, and the nozzle of the injector is completely fitted to the mold main gate.

Step 4 Oscillating Packing Injection Moulding(OPIM)
Completely after laminating mould clamping and the nozzle, the hydraulic cylinder injection into the high pressure oil, promote relative cylinder screw moved forward, will accumulate in the cylinder head of melt with enough pressure injection mould cavity, to make plastic volume contraction due to lower temperature, to ensure the density of plastic parts, dimension precision and mechanics performance, should be within the mould cavity on the melt to keep certain pressure, to supplement the materials.

Step 5 pressure relief
When the melt at the mould gate is frozen, the pressure can be unloaded.

Step 6 injection device receding
Generally speaking, after the unloading is completed, the screw can be rotated and backward for completing the next feeding and preplastification process.(in general, the action that the injection seat remove from the main gate of mould is canceled, and this action is carried out when the material with serious salivation is more serious, such as PA)

Step 7 opening mould
After cooling and finalizing the moulded parts in the mould cavity, the mould locking mechanism is opened and the plastic parts in the mould are released.

Since then, a complete plastic products be finished, of course, most of the subsequent pieces of plastic will require fuel injection, silk screen, bronzing, laser carving, and so on auxiliary process, and together with other products, and form a complete product, will be finally in the hands of consumers.

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