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Injection Mould acceptance

We need to check injection mould quanlity before our injection products leave the factory, so as to ensure the customers receive the best products and experience the best service.

First of all, before we check the inspection of the injection mould, the injection mould should be in the state of plastic filling all the cavity, good maintenance condition, spare parts must be complete. Detailed drawings and instructions are required for calibration and modification of injection moulds and parts. As the process parameters may fluctuate according to the different materials, if there are certain sizes in the parts to be restricted strictly according to the regulations, the pressure parameters should be strictly controlled. The original injection mould quality certificate should be gained before acceptance.

It is necessary to check and verify the easily damaged plastic injection parts and register them. Reserve the amount of inventory that may be consumed within 4 ~ 5 weeks, and record the damaged parts that have been replaced. Perform the inspection of common auxiliary equipment, and take a photo to record the position of the injection mould assembly.

The injection mould should be carefully cleaned and sprayed with protectant and anti-rust agent, and the external pipe should be removed. Prepare material for processing in the factory that is ready to receive the injection mould. All the instruments need to be checked and calibrated, and this set of injection moulds can be started for shipment.
injection mould acceptance
When the injection mould arrives at the injection moulding company, first check and clean up, then install on the injection machine, enter the process parameters, and the injection mould is injected with an empty loop to confirm that the operation is normal. Add the stirring material into the hopper of the injection moulding machine, and start the first injection. After 15 ~ 20 minutes, the injection mould will be heated to isothermal state. The air injection is used to determine the precise melt temperature and then enter the setting adjustment stage of the injection machine process parameters. The first qualified product must be confirmed by QA.

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