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Injection Mould Development Trends in China

Plastic products are widely used in daily life, and mould technology has become one of the important marks to measure the manufacturing level of a country's products. Chinese injection mould in the quality and quantity have rapid development. However, compared with foreign advanced technologies, most China plastic injection mould manufacturers are still in the critical period of technological transformation, technological innovation, product quality improvement, modernization management and system transformation.

As for the distribution of plastics processing industry in China, the plastic products processing industry in the Pearl River delta and the Yangtze River delta ranks the first, and the output value of plastic mould in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong accounts for 70% of the total output value of moulds in China. Now, many enterprises in these three provinces have realized the unlimited business opportunities of the plastic moulding industry and are actively organizing the development and manufacturing of mould products.

Plastic products have been widely used in automobile, mechanical and electrical, instrumentation, aerospace and other national pillar industries and related to people's daily life. Although there are many forming methods for plastic products, injection moulding is the most important method. In the world plastic mould market, about half of plastic mould output is injection mould. In recent years, the injection mould development in China is very rapid, and the proportion of injection mould with high efficiency, automation, large, micro, precision, high service life in the entire injection mould production is larger and larger. From the perspective of injection mould design and manufacturing, the development trend in China of injection mould can be divided into the following aspects:
  1. Deepening theoretical research in mould design, more and more in-depth research on the process principle, and mould design has gradually developed to all aspects of theoretical and technological design in the empirical stage, which has greatly improved the output and quality of injection moulded parts. 
  2. Various high efficiency and automation mould structure is used. The high speed and automatic moulding machine cooperates with the advanced injection mould, which has great role on the improving of productivity and reducing of injection moulding cost.
  3. Due to the expansion of large, ultra-small and high-precision product application, there are various large, precision and high service life injection moulds in the market. In order to meet these requirements, various moulding materials with high strength, high hardness, high abrasion resistance, easy processing, small deformation during heat treatment and excellent thermal conductivity have been developed.
  4. Innovation on injection mould manufacturing technology. In order to shorten the injection mould manufacturing cycle, reduce the work bench, made a great improvement on the injection mould processing technology. Especially the machining of special-shaped cavity, adopt various kinds of advanced machine tools, this not only greatly improve the proportion of mechanical processing, and improve the machining accuracy.
  5. Standardization. Standardization not only greatly improves the efficiency of injection mould production, but also improves the quality and reduces cost.

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