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Injection Mould for Automotive

The cooling system design of injection mould for automotive is a relatively complicated work, not only the cooling effect and the uniformity of the cooling should be considered, but also the influence of the cooling system on the overall structure of the auto mould part. The specific position and size of the cooling system should be also considered and key mould parts cooling such as cooling of moving moulds or inserts, cooling of side sliders and side cores, design of cooling elements and selection of cooling standard components.

ACO Mold technical requirements for automotive injection moulds are as follows:
1. Analysis of product moulding process, automotive injection mould structure and automotive injection moulding process. Guarantee the service life of automotive injection moulds up to 1 million times.
2. It is necessary to design a complete automotive injection mould structure and machined parts, and to propose assembly requirements and injection moulding process requirements.
3. Causes defects in the appearance quality of plastic parts (such as shrinkage, etc.) or mould structure problems of auto parts (such as parting surface setting, gate setting, mould service life cannot be guaranteed, etc.).
4. Automotive injection mould appearance: Automotive injection mould appearance must ensure no rust, no bumps, no defects and other module defects.
5. Automotive injection mould transportation: Automotive injection mould transportation must be loaded with locking moulds, packaging is strong, rust-proof.
6. Automotive injection mould information: At the same time as the automotive injection mould delivery, we must provide a complete set of auto parts mould wearing parts and maintenance reference information.

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