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Low Volume Injection Moulding VS Large Volume Injection Moulding

Conventional plastic injection moulding typically needs tools to manufacture millions of plastic parts. However, plastic injection mould making typically takes months, and the injection mould making cost is high. But what if low volume injection moulding? This is the ideal place for aluminum moulds.

Aluminum mould for low volume injection moulding
Mould making and injection moulding complete in the 15 days or less, the injection mould manufacturing cost is low. From the current mould market, the aluminum alloy market is relatively more stable than the steel market, more conducive to the implementation of cost control. Aluminum moulds are about 50% lighter than steel moulds, so aluminum moulds are superior to steel moulds in manufacturing, equipment, and injection moulding workshop assembly adjustments. Transporting light moulds eliminates the need for expensive lifting equipment (such as cranes and crane trucks), which reduces plastic mould manufacturing costs. Aluminum mould is suitable for plastic products that have no high requirements, rapid prototyping, and low volume injection moulding. Depending on the material type of material and geometry, some plastic moulds can manufacture thousands of plastic parts.

According to the size of plastic products and the complexity, the plastic mould can use single cavity, or 1+1, 1+1+1+1, or more cavity. Thermoplastic and thermosetting materials are the same as mass-produced materials. More than 100 different materials can be used, including ABS, PC, PP, LCP, POM and liquid silicone rubber. If it is damaged, no maintenance cost and mould replacement for life, improved heat dissipation, no need to use messy cooling line. Aluminum mould is easy to machine, and has high dimensional stability, excellent thermal conductivity, which can save mould cooling time up to 50% in mould making. With the development of the plastic injection moulding, the European and American markets are gradually showing the phenomenon that aluminum moulds replace steel moulds.
Aluminum mould for low volume injection moulding

Steel moulds for large volume injection moulding
Plastic injection mould made of steel can manufacture millions of plastic parts, but the plastic mould making time is long, and the cost of injection moulds made of steel is high. While when it is large volume injection moulding, and the production quantity of injection moulded parts increases, the cost will be lower accordingly. The hardness of the plastic moulds made of steel is high, the wear resistance of injection moulds is good, and the mould service life is long. Generally, the plastic injection mould made of mould steel can operate for 10,000 times, is suitable for long-term large volume injection moulding. Multi-cavity moulds larger than 8 cavities can increase the complexity of mol parts. The mirror polishing performance of injection moulds is good.
Steel moulds for large volume injection moulding

If it is low volume injection moulding, the plastic products are required to be produced with short manufacturing time, and you want to avoid risky investments before the plastic products design is truly verified, then using plastic moulds made of aluminum for low volume injection moulding will be a good choice.

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