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Mould Materials Affects Injection Mould Cost

Mould is the mother of industry. As the precursor of the mother of industry, the importance of mould steel to injection moulds is self-evident. And the injection mould cost is also derived from the mould steel, because the injection mould manufacturer also quotes the price of the mould according to the price of the materials that mould use, such as the material coefficient method: plastic mould = 6 * material fee.

Calculate with experience:
Injection mould price = material fee + design fee + processing fee and profit + value added tax + mould trial fee + packaging transportation feeInjection mould steel
The ratios are usually:
Material fee: materials and standard parts account for 15%-30% of the total cost of the injection mould
Processing fee and profit: 30%-50%
Design fee: 10%-15% of the total cost of the injection mould
Mould trial: large and medium moulds can be controlled within 3%, and small precision moulds are controlled within 5%
Packaging transportation fee: can be calculated according to actual calculation or 3%
VAT: 17%

Today, ACO Mold lists the general materials of injection mould for your reference:
Common mould steel
1. Cold work mould steel
(1) Anti-wear cold work die steel
(2) Impact resistant cold work mould steel
(3) High carbon low alloy cold work mould steel
(4) Non-magnetic mould steel
(5) High-speed steel for cold work mould
(6) Cold work die carbon tool steel

2. Hot work mould steel
(1) Low heat resistance hot work mould steel
(2) Medium heat resistant hot work die steel
(3) High heat resistance hot work die steel

3. Plastic mould steel
(1) Carburized plastic mould steel
(2) Age hardening plastic mould steel
(3) Carbon plastic mould steel
(4) Corrosion resistant plastic mould steel

In the steel plate (sheet), there are also many materials listed in the mould steel series: 45 (45 #, 45), P20, S45C, S50C etc.
When quoting for your company, we will confirm the product usage with you for the first time. In the mould steel selection reference your requirements product surface requirements, is it necessary to do the matte surface or mirror surface, or the transmittance needs to reach more than 60%, etc., the injection mould service life is required to be able to reach 500,000 times, or to achieve 200,000 times. How complex is the size and structure of the product? Is it needs to do big pressure or small pressure? How are the product flash and the degree of shrinkage control? It is necessary to select the corresponding injection mould material to make the mould to meet your company's requirements and fulfill the contract.

By the way, the so-called one-point price and one-off goods, in the eyes of the layman, each injection mould are the same, and ultimately the choice of cheap is actually harming their own interests. The cost of the flower is bigger and the profit of the injection mould is lower. Of course, you can't just choose expensive ones, and you can't rule out some black-hearted businesses. Therefore, we recommend that you choose reliable injection mould manufacturer, we are engaged in the processing and manufacturing of injection moulds for more than 10 years in Shenzhen, China. We are concerned about the establishment of word of mouth, and establish long-term cooperative relationship with your company.

Welcome to ACO Mold injection moulding company and contact us. The mould engineers from ACO Mold will give you the best solution, and recommend the suitable materials for you. We are ready and looking forward to cooperate with your next project. You will be happy and satisfied to be our partner in mould making and injection moluding project.

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