Parting Line in Injection Mould

Parting line is an important factor in the injection mould structure, it is also an important step in injection moulding. However, because different product structures are also different, it is also a very complicated issue. When we choose, we must try to grasp the main factors and give up the secondary factors. As much as possible to reduce the complexity of the injection mould structure, increase injection mould strength and injection mould life.

The most important thing in selecting the parting line is to ensure that the product can be smoothly taken out. This is also the purpose of designing the parting line. Therefore, the best design is on a plane, perpendicular to the injection mould opening direction. It is better not to affect the shape of the injection mould release, so as not to affect the injection mould release.

Minimize the depth of the injection mould cavity. At present, the injection mould cavity is basically processed by EDM. The deeper the cavity is, the longer the processing time is, affecting the injection mould production cycle and increasing the production cost. The deeper the cavity, the thicker the die plate, and the larger the travel of the injection moulding machine, so try to reduce the cavity depth.

To ensure the appearance of the product. Because some plastic parts are used in the appearance of the product, which is equivalent to the front of the product, so the appearance is good-looking. Therefore, when the parting line is selected, it is better not to be set on the smooth outer surface of the plastic or the corner of the circular arc. Avoid adverse effects on the quality of the plastic appearance and reduce the marks left on the outer surface of the injection mould.

When designing the injection mould structure, try to avoid side core pulling. Because the selection of the lateral core-pulling injection mould structure at the parting surface will become complicated, and will directly affect the size of the plastic parts and the assembly precision of the plastic parts, and the manufacturing cost will increase significantly. Therefore, it is not necessary to use them. Even if the core-pulling injection mould is selected, the core pulling should be as short as possible, the shorter the distance of oblique suction movement, on the one hand, the thickness of the template can be reduced, and the dimensional error of the plastic parts can be reduced; on the other hand, it contribute to product release.

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