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Plastic Injection Mould Application and Development

Plastic injection moulds are important process equipment for the various plastic parts manufacturing. With the rapid development of the plastics industry and the promotion and application of plastic parts in the aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery, shipbuilding and automotive industries, the requirements of plastic parts on plastic injection mould are higher and higher. The traditional mould design method can’t meet the requirements of today’s requirement of plastic products. Compared with the traditional mould design, computer-aided engineering (CAE) technology has great advantages in not only reducing injection moulding cycle and ensuring plastic parts quality, but also reducing the injection moulding cost and reducing the labor intensity.

In injection moulds processing, various CNC machining are used. The most widely used are CNC milling and machining centers, and the application of CNC wire cutting and CNC EDM in CNC machining is also common. Wire cutting is mainly used in various straight wall mould processing, such as concave and convex moulds in stamping, inserts and sliders in injection moulds, electrodes for electrical discharge machining, etc. For mould parts with high hardness, machining can’t be used to process, most of them use EDM. EDM is also used for sharp corners, deep cavity parts and narrow grooves of the mould cavity. The CNC lathe is mainly used for processing standard parts of mould rods, as well as mould cavities or cores of rotary bodies, such as injection moulds for bottles and basins, and forgings for shafts and discs. In the mould processing, the application of the CNC drilling machine can also play a role in improving the machining accuracy and shortening the machining cycle.
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Injection moulds are widely used, and the plastic injection moulded parts in modern manufacturing requires almost all of them. Therefore, the injection mould industry is an important part of the national high-tech industry and an important and valuable technical resource. Optimize the system structural design of the plastic injection mould and the CAD/CAE/CAM of the profile, and make it more intelligent, to improve the plastic injection moulding process and mould standardization of the injection moulded part. Improving the precision and quality of the plastic mould manufacturing, and reduce the amount of grinding and polishing of surface of the mould part and injection mould manufacturing cycle. Using special materials with high performance and easy-to-cut performance for various types of mould parts to improve mould performance to adapt to market diversification and new product trial production. Applying rapid prototyping technology and rapid moulding technology to quickly manufacture plastic injection mould or die-casting mould, etc. All of them will be the development trend of plastic mould manufacturing technology in the next 5 to 20 years.

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