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Plastic Injection Mould Making in China

Plastic injection mould is a tool mainly used in large volume custom plastic parts manufacturing. Therefore, if a batch of plastic parts needs to be produced in a market during production, it is necessary to make the moulds of this batch of plastic parts in advance. After mould making, this batch of plastic parts can be manufactured by various plastic moulding methods. Mould making refers to the development (including design and production) of moulds, that is, the moulds that can realize products design and the related auxiliary equipments are manufactured. Mould making is also known as tool making or tooling.

Why choose us as your partner in mould making & injection moulding?
We provide one-stop service of plastic injection mould making & injection moulding in Shenzhen China. Our company's moulds and plastic products are used in various fields. We also have many years of manufacturing experience in these fields that have high precision and shape requirement, such as automotive, digital industry and so on, and have been well received by foreign customers.
Injection mould making
If you want to make plastic moulds or find plastic parts producer, you only need to present your ideas, product features and appearance requirements. Our engineers will give you the best solution, recommend the most suitable materials, and help you take the lead in the market. We can provide you with a complete mould trial video, as well as 10 test samples, and all other data reports (including mould test report and test data report) to ensure that the can produce the plastic parts that will satisfy you! We look forward to working with you on the next project to create the perfect product! So welcome to the contact page above to get a free quote!

1. Injection mould making conditions in ACO Mold
Mould making workshopACO Mold injection moulding company has professional CNC workshop, DME workshop, deep hole drilling and other mould production equipment. The precision of the mould can reach +/-0.02mm, the length can reach 2000mm, and the weight can reach 20T. We can have accurate technical analysis based on the customer’s drawings or samples and provide customers with fast and high-quality technical services.

Mould making and processing workshop: We have high-speed CNC machining workshop, DME processing workshop, wire cutting workshop, deep hole drilling, spark machine, and mould assembly workshop etc.

2. Professional technical team
We have an experienced mould design team, familiar with various mould design standards in China, Europe, America, Japan, etc. We are skilled in applying various software to do mould and product design. We have 3 engineers with more than 20 years experience, 8 engineers with more than 10 years experience, and 15 engineers with more than 5 years experience in the mould industry.

3. Mould design process
Mould project review meeting → Pressure mould flow analysis → injection mould design → Mould pre-production meeting
Mould project review meetingMould project review meeting

4. Plastic injection moulding conditions
Plastic injection moulding conditionsOur injection moulding department has imported advanced electric injection moulding machines such as FANUC and Sanyo, as well as high-temperature mould temperature machines. The fastest shooting rate is up to 500mm/s, which is commonly used for injection moulding of thin-walled plastic parts and high-gloss plastic parts. The tonnage of largest injection moulding machine reach up to 1300T. The monthly production capacity is 7 million pieces.

The injection moulding processing department is equipped with Toshiba 360T injection moulding machine, Japan FANUC injection moulding machine, Toyo electric injection moulding machine, 650 tons of Japan Sanling injection moulding machine, 1300 tons injection moulding machine, multi-stage honeycomb rotary dehumidifier, mould automatic temperature control machine, Japan SYSKO high-light mould temperature machine, dehumidification dryer, product assembly workshop etc.

5. Quality inspection equipment of plastic injection mould
We are equipped with advanced testing equipment, and every production process can be effectively controlled. We will continue to introduce new equipment based on requirements of customer and production needs to enhance our competitiveness and optimize our services. Ensuring product quality has always been our top priority!

ACO Mold quality department quality inspection equipment: QHQ hand-cranked pencil hardness tester, product hardness tester, color light box, code, gauss meter, constant temperature and humidity tester, gauge block, horizontal dynamometer machine, brine Spray test, needle gauge, paper tape wear tester, etc.
Plastic injection mould inspectionPlastic injection mould inspection
ACO Mold custom plastic injection mould making project process:
  1. Review drawing (mould pre-production meeting): Check whether the drawing has shrinkage, whether it is correct, whether the size is faulty or not, whether the structure is reasonable, whether the drawing is complete, and confirm with the customer.
  2. Mould flow analysis: Simulate the simulation of injection moulding on the computer, simulate the process of mould injection or die casting, obtain the data results, evaluate the feasibility of the mould solution through the results, and improve the mould design and product design.
  3. Preparation: Order these materials such as mould base, core, copper, hardware from high-quality mould materials suppliers.
  4. Accessories processing: The mould material is performed the fine processing and the milling machine processing. At first, correcting the milling machine head, to ensure that it is within 0.02mm. Correcting the workpiece, first processing screw holes, thimble holes, threading holes, the nozzle or the nozzle hole, the split cone hole chamfering and then the water hole, milling R angle.
  5. Mould processing: Stick the number, A / B plate processing, panel processing, thimble fixed plate processing, bottom plate processing
  6. Mould core processing: First polish the core, then rough grinding, milling machine processing, bench machining, CNC roughing, heat treatment, fine grinding, CNC finishing, EDM.
  7. Electrode processing: Installing the mould core on the spark machine or CNC machine, adjust the position of the fixed core material for processing.
  8. Mould base parts processing: Slider processing, compression block processing, split cone gate processing, insert processing
  9. Mould inspection: Check whether all processed motherboard core hardware accessories are qualified and accurate, and whether it is suitable for assembly.
  10. Mould assembly: Assemble the processed core, template, insert and other accessories.
  11. Flying mould: the whole set of moulds will be assembled and stabilized.
  12. Injection mould trial: The assembled mould on the injection moulding machine is performed mould trial to see if the product is qualified and meets the customer’s requirements, until confirmed with customer.
If your product is in concept stage, welcome to ACO Mold injection moulding manufacturer and contact us to get free quote. The engineers of ACO Mold will give you the best solution,and recommend the suitable materials for you.

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