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Plastic Injection Moulding

ACO Mold is one-stop China injection mould manufacturer that provides plastic injection mould design &manufacturing, injection moulding, surface coating, electroplating and product assembly. We have more than 9,000 square meters of standard manufacturing plant, equipped with a full set of precision mould processing workshops and ordinary mould processing workshops, measuring instrument testing laboratory, injection moulding workshop, providing customers with one-stop high, medium and low-end injection moulds manufacturing & Injection Moulding & Product Assembly Services to meet customer product development needs. The factory is equipped with a series of equipment such as CNC machining center, engraving machine, spark machine, wire cutting, grinding machine, milling machine, drilling machine and lathe etc.

Do you have the following problems when customizing plastic products?
---Mould type selection: Can't grasp the product features
---Injection mould price: The price is too high to accept
---Mass processing: Injection moulding quality is unstable
---Injection moulding products spraying: The appearance of injection moulding products does not meet the requirements
---Slow delivery: Cannot be delivered on time and in volume

Choose ACO Mould as your partner in injection moulding, these problems will be solved!
1. Professional mould type selection:
We have a variety of private mould, and have 1000 + mould design experience, so we can fully understand the product characteristics of various industries, to provide customers with excellent mould type selection services.

2. Competitive price:
Our injection molds are very cost-effective, so ACO Mold can provides you with a more reasonable, more competitive and lower price.

3. Excellent injection moulding quality:
We have a variety of advanced injection testing equipment, strict quality control procedures throughout the process, to ensure that the injection moulding quality is good and consistent.

4. Outstanding spray effect:
Our factory has 2 fully automatic modern spraying lines with reasonable process design and high production efficiency to ensure the processing effect of injection moulding product.

5. Fast delivery:
Implement integrated product development strategy, integrate all aspects from mould type selection to injection moulding, and provide one-stop China injection mould making &injection moulding service.
Injection mouldInjection mould
Something you need to know about injection moulding
What is injection moulding:
  • Injection moulding is a manufacturing technique used to make plastic parts from thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials. When heated, the molten plastic is injected into mould cavity under high pressure to produce the plastic parts with required shape and dimension. Injection moulding is widely used in the manufacture of various components. The injection moulding process has four simple steps, that is, plasticization, injection, solidification, and squirting. Each step is different from the others.
Injection moulding process steps:
  • The injection moulding process of plastic parts mainly includes 4 stages: Filling - holding pressure - cooling - demoulding. These 4 stages directly determine the quality of injection moulded parts, and these 4 stages are a complete continuous process.
5 advantages of injection moulding:
  • High tolerances can be repeated.
  • A wide range of materials can be used.
  • Labor costs are low.
  • Minimal scraps loss.
  • No need to continue to improve the parts after moulding.
3 disadvantages of injection moulding:
  • Expensive equipment investment.
  • Operating costs is high.
  • Parts must be designed to meet specific moulding requirements.
Injection moulding cycle:
  • New product launch time is greatly affected by the injection moulding cycle. In the mould manufacturing process, the small parts have these features, such as large amount, large clamping times and large processing process (generally required to be processed by CNC, EDM, WEDM) How to effectively shorten the mould part processing cycle is of great significance for shortening the mould delivery time. ACO Mould is competing in the shortening of the mould manufacturing and processing cycle.
We are ready and looking forward to cooperate with your next project. Contact us to get a free quote now! You will be satisfied to choose us as your partner in injection mould manufacturing& injection moulding processing.

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