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Production Equipment of Injection Moulding Manufacturer

Mould is the foundation of industrial manufacturing. It is precisely because of the existence of the mould that the product can be reproduced in large quantities. The injection mould has become an increasingly widely used part of the mould field. Injection moulding companies need to be related to a variety of precision equipment in the process of producing the injection mould. Finally, a set of injection mould can be produced out. And then what production equipment does the injection moulding manufacturer have? 
Injection Machine

Milling machine: Machines with a variety of surfaces are machined on a workpiece with a milling cutter; milling machines can perform milling, drilling and boring operations on the workpiece.

Drilling machine: The machine tool that drills holes on the workpiece. The drilling machine has a simple structure and relatively low machining accuracy. It can drill through holes, blind holes, replace special tools, and can expand, boring, reaming or tapping.

Lathe: A machine that processing the rotating workpiece with a turning tool. In the lathe, it is can be relatively processing with drills, reamers, taps, and knurling tools.

Large water grinder: The workpiece is rotated and ground with a grinding wheel so that it can achieve the required flatness. According to the shape of the workbench, it can be divided into two types: a rectangular workbench and a circular workbench. The main parameters of the rectangular workbench surface grinder are the width and length of the workbench. The main parameter of the round workbench surface grinder is the diameter of the workbench surface. According to different types of shafts, it can be divided into horizontal and vertical shafts grinder. Due to the large amount of heat generated during the work process, a large amount of coolant (usually water and sometimes oil) is used. Therefore, the name of the large water grinder was obtained.

CNC machining center: CNC machining center is a CNC machine tool that controlled by numerical control system, which can machine very complex and difficult workpieces. Ordinary machine tools can't be compared with it, in other words, they are not in the same level. The effect of machining workpieces of CNC machine tool is very good and the efficiency is very high. All operations can be performed after the workpiece has been clamped once, because the CNC machining center comes with a tool magazine to perform automatic tool change.

EDM: EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) is a kind of machining equipment mainly used for EDM. Widely used in the manufacture of various metal moulds and mechanical equipment. It is a special processing method which utilizing etching conductive material by electric erosion generated when the two-pole pulse discharge is immersed in the working fluid. It is also called electric discharge machining or electric erosion machining

Wire cutting: Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (WEDM) belongs to the category of electric processing, was discovered by the former Soviet Union's the couple of Razakenko when study the phenomenon and causes of damage caused by the spark discharge corrosion of the switch contacts. Discover the Instantaneous high temperatures can melt and oxidize localized metals and erode them, and then creating and inventing EDM machining methods. The wire cutting machine was also invented in the former Soviet Union in 1960, and China is the first country used for industrial production.

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