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How to reasonably choose plastic injection mould steel has been complicated system engineering, and also the key link of plastic injection mould making. It is an important work related to mould service life and plastic injection mould cost. In general, the material used to make plastic injection mould is required to have certain hardness and wear resistance at first. Secondly, it should have strength and toughness. The next is easy to machine. ACO Mold is professional injection moulding manufacturer which produce plastic injection mould and plastic parts.
The quality of plastic injection mould is one of the aspects that the customer cares very much. When the mould is produced out, the customer is most concerned about the mould quality. Because the quality of plastic injection mould is closely related to the injection moulded products. How to judge plastic injection mould quality is difficult, especially business on internet. The mould is different from other products, that we can't ship samples to customers to judge the quality. Since it is impossible to look with naked eye and touch to judge the quality of the mould, we can only find some ways to judge the quality of plastic injection mould remotely.
Injection mould is a tool for producing plastic products, it is also the tool that gives plastic products complete structure and precise dimensions. With the rapid development of plastics industry and the promotion and application of plastic products in the industrial sectors such as aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery, shipbuilding and automobiles, the requirements for moulds are becoming higher and higher, and traditional mould design methods are unable to adapt to today's requirements. Compared with traditional mould design, computer-aided engineering (CAE) technology has great advantages in terms of improving productivity, ensuring product quality, reducing cost and reducing labor intensity. Today, our lives are closely related to plastic products, and plastic moulds are the most important and main tool for producing plastic products. Therefore, the price of plastic injection moulds has become an aspect of increasing concern.
With the rapid development of plastic moulding manufacturing industry, how to reduce the long development cycle and high cost of injection moulds has become a new goal that everyone is pursuing.

Now China has a low level of casting and it is difficult to achieve mixed casting. For the flanged moulds, high hardness and wear-resistant materials such as GM series, MoGr alloys, and air-cooled steels are generally used in the working part materials. By adopting a mosaic structure and satisfying the high life requirements of injection mould, an integral insert or an integral insert can be selected according to the size of the parts required in the working part.
Precheck of injection mould
Before the mould is installed in the injection moulding machine, inspection should be conducted so that quality problems can be found in a timely manner. And then modify the injection mould to avoid removing after installed. When the injection mould fixing plate and the moving platen are separately inspected, attention should be paid to the direction mark so as to avoid wrong when mould clamping.

Oblique guided mould installation
When installing the mould, the two should closely cooperate with safety. If there is a mould for the lateral parting mechanism, the slider should be installed in a horizontal position, that is, the movable block is moved left and right.
Injection MouldInjection Moulded Parts
Injection mould fastening
After the mould positioning ring is installed in the positioning ring seat of fixing mould plate of injection moulding machine, the mould is closed at an extremely slow speed, so that the movable platen presses the mould gently, and then the pressed plate is used. The pressed plate must be loaded with a pad and must be installed up and down four. When the pressed plate is used, we must pay attention to adjust the height of the screw to the same with the mould foot, that is, the pressed plate should be flat. If the pressed plate is inclined, the die foot can't be pressed tightly. The side of the pressed plate won't be close to the mould to avoid damage to the mould by friction.

Correct the eject distance of eject-rod
After the injection mould is fastened, slowly start the mould until the movable platen stops receding, at this time, the position of eject-rod should be adjusted to the position of between the ejector plate and the movable mould platen on the mould, and there is a gap that not less than 5mm, which is to prevent damage to the injection mould, and can ejecting the injection moulded part.

Ajustment of closed-mould tightness
In order to prevent overflow, but also ensure that the cavity is properly vented, when adjusting the clamping mechanism of hydraulic injection, mainly based on visual observation and experience, that is, when closing the mould, the elbow firstly fast and then slow, that is not very natural and also it is not too reluctant to straighten out, and the closeness of the mould is just right. For the moulds with mould temperature requirements, mould tightness should be corrected after the mould temperature is improved.

Access to cooling water
After connecting the cooling water, check whether it is unblocked or leaking.

After the plastic injection mould factory installs the plastic injection mould into the injection moulding machine, it needs to adjust the installed mould to ensure that the injection moulding produces a high-quality product. What steps must be taken? Let me explain in detail.
After completely positioning the plastic injection mould positioning ring into the positioning ring of the injection machine, the plastic injection mould is just started to close at a very slow speed, the press mould of the injection moulding machine presses it gently, and then the upper press plate of the plastic injection mould is pressed tightly. Then the pressure plate can have 4 - 8 pieces depending on the size of the plastic injection mould. The height of the adjusting screw of the pressure plate must be the same as the height of the die foot to ensure that the pressure plate is flat and the die foot can be pressed. Check the parallelism and verticality of the plastic injection mould, the firmness of the bracket and adjust the concentricity of the barrel and the center hole of the plastic injection mould.
In the plastic injection moulding process, when adopt multiple gates or there is holes and inserts in the cavity, and the thickness of injection moulded parts changes greatly, the plastic melt will flow to more than two directions in the injection mould, when the two strands plastic melt meets, it will form a weld line in injection moulded part.

According to the different production methods, the weld line can be divided into hot-melt lines and cold-melt lines. From the apparent point of view, the weld line has a curved shape, but also approximate to a straight line. From the product thickness section view, the weld line is on the outer surface, there is also a depth in the surface layer is a V-shaped groove marks, and even some through the entire wall thickness section.
Outdoor products exposed to strong light, the light fastness (sun-proof) grade requirement of the colorant used is an important indicator, if the light fastness grade is poor, the injection moulded plastic parts will quickly fade in the use. Organic pigments undergo molecular structure changes and small amounts of decomposition at a certain temperature. Especially for PP, PA and PET injection moulded parts, the processing temperature is above 280°C. When choosing the colorant, it is necessary to pay attention to the heat resistance of pigment. Acid and alkali resistance: The fading of colored injection moulded plastic parts is related to the chemical resistance (acid and alkali resistance, revivification of resistance to oxidation) of colorants.
Some plastic parts are quickly swollen or bubbling on the back of the metal insert or in particularly thick areas after demoulding. This is caused by the expansion of the released gas under the effect of internal pressure when the plastic is not completely cooled and hardened. There are the following solutions:
  1. Effective cooling, reduce injection mould temperature, extend injection mould opening time, reduce material drying and injection mould processing temperature.
  2. Reduce injection mould filling rate, reduce cycle time, and reduce flow resistance.
  3. Improve holding pressure and time.
  4. Improve the condition that the walls of the products are too thick or vary in thickness.
With the development of society, and with the enhancement of design and injection mould manufacturing, and the realization of new technology of injection mould, injection mould quality has received more and more attention. Injection mould quality is improved with the improvement of injection mould technology.
3D Design of Injection Mould
The driving and driving forces (pressing force, clamping force of injection mould, drop weight of the material, extrusion force, etc.) of the injection mould processing movement are provided by the power transmission mechanism of forming machine tool and equipment.
The driving of injection mould processing, such as aluminum alloy profiles, plastic profiles, sheets, or films, generally use extrusion moulding process. The mould is fixed on the head of machine, the material passes through the mould in the form of extrusion, and relative movements act on the mould to produce a various of moulded parts. For example, the plastic profile do spiraling movement relies on the screw of the continuous extrusion machine. The plastic is extruded into the mould and passed through the profile of the mould, and the shaping material is cooled and shaped. Extruded profiles are pulled forward by the traction mechanism for continuous forming machining.
Although the use of hot runners in plastic injection moulds is relatively small, everyone should not be unfamiliar, giving the impression that moulds are expensive. Why is there such a hot runner technology? What are the advantages of hot runner technology? What is the role of plastic injection mould manufacturing process? What is the problem with the general process?
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