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After long-term development, the Chinese injection mould industry is currently in a rising period. In such a stage, what kind of development methods that injection mould companies in China should adopt, which have became a problem that Chinese injection mould companies should thinking actively. Currently there are many companies engaged in plastic injection mould production in China, but the scale is relatively small, basically a small workshop model, there is no scientific and technological content.
Plastic Injection Mould Factory

Chinese die and machine tool industry is still "large but not strong" Although Chinese injection mould industry is well-known as a global "manufacturer" with a huge annual import and export volume, due to the limitation of factors such as technical, talents, Chinese injection mould all are relatively concentrated in the low-end and medium-end markets. Therefore, the high-end injection mould markets has great attraction to Chinese plastic injection mould manufacturers. If Chinese plastic injection mould industry want to gain long-term development, it is essential to promote the construction of Chinese injection mould industry association.

The proportion of some high-level injection mould has reached to about 40%. The characters of these injection mould is complexity, precision, large scale, and long life. The self-processing technology and the flexibility of injection mould, the integration technology, the structural design system of injection mould, the large-scale progressive die, the advanced injection mould manufacturing technology and the research and development of the 3D design technology, the stamping process design system, the reverse engineering and the body mould digital manufacturing system, etc., that all of them are inseparable from the vigorous development and promotion of digitization and information technology.

In injection moulding products development, the injection mould cost will account for a large amount of money. The premise of choosing an injection moulding companies is that customer firstly need to know their own product requirements.
For large-scale moulds, we not only have requirements for equipment,
but also have requirements for site, driving andPlastic Injection Mould Factory technology. Therefore, the customer must conduct a field visit to the mould factory to inspect their equipment and site. 
Medium-sized moulds can be made in ordinary mould factories, including: well-equipped, enough space, more than 2 tons of cranes, and even large mould factories can also make medium-sized moulds. Small moulds can be made in virtually all level mould factory. Of course, if there is precision requirements, it should be determined by reference to the various objective and subjective factors that have been written previously.
Choosing an excellent injection moulding company that suits yourself is very important in product development. For example, the reasonable price of the mould and the timeliness of the service, that is, the cycle time of the mould and the efficiency of modifying the mould, will directly affect the entire product process and market share. At the same time, the excellent injection moulding company will also provide a series of product development technical support, such as spray screen printing, etc. This is also very important.
      Injection Mould     Injection Moulded Parts
The warping and deformation problem of plastic injection mould products should be solved mainly from injection mould design. For the overflow problem, the emphasis should be on the improvement of the mould. In terms of moulding conditions, we can start with the reduction of liquidity.
Injection mould is a tool to produce plastic products and also to make plastic products have complete structure and precision size, which is mainly used in industrial circle. Gating system of injection mould is also called the runner system. It is a group of feeding channel which lead the plastic melt to the cavity from injection machine nozzle. It usually consist of main runner, sub-runner, gate and cold slag cavity. It is directly related to the quality of plastic products and production efficiency.
A set of high quality mould, not only need to have good processing equipment and skilled mould manufacturing workers, another important factor is to have a good mould design, especially for complex mould, mould design quality accounts for more than 80% of the mould quality. A good mould design is: On the premise of meeting customer requirements, to make processing cost low, machining difficulty small and processing time short. To make it, not only need to meet the requirements of the guests, but also know about the injection moulding machine, the structure of mould, processing craft and the processing capacity of the injection mould factory itself.
The maintenance of mould firstly is the maintenance in the producing process. If long time without use and no maintenance, the mould will be useless. So after every use of mould, there will be comprehensive maintenance, especially the rust-proof of forming parts and movement parts. Because that the mould will touch the water when producing, so must keep the mould dry, and then brush a layer of oil to maintain.
In the injection moulding industry, if want to make the production cost of plastic injection moulding companies reduce, must pay attention to the the injection mould quality and later maintenance, to improve the service life of the whole injection mould, so as to realize the product cost down, enhance overall market competitiveness.

The mould can be divided into three types according to the different casting system.
When manufacturing prototype was used to support product development, 3D printing and CNC(computer numerical control)milling machine should be taken consider in it as prototype manufacture process. So under the specific application, especially the design and product specification is unkown, how to choose between the two kinds of production process? 
It is very easy to find an injection mould maker, the most simple and effective way is to participate in relevant exhibitions. You will be able to walk around and get a stack of business cards and collect leaflets. Combined my experiences, the key point should be 'appropriate' in choosing a plastic mould maker in China.
Mould Maker
Mechanical processing plants are varying quality. When purchasing higher-cost custom plastic moulds, how to identify reliable injection mould maker for your company?
Steel is a decisive factor of mould quality, a reasonable choice of steel is the most important. Steel selection criteria are:
(1) Moulding Material Requirements
Different plastics product requirement uses different steel, such as the requirement for highly polished, corrosion-resistant and so on;

(2) Price
Steel performance is better to be enough, not better to be expensive. Take into account the cost of injection mould, mold steel should be chosen the appropriate material of the service life, in order to avoid unnecessary waste. Service life of general P20 material is about 300,000; 2738 material is about 500,000; H13/2344 is usually 800-1000 million or more. All these materials can be selected according to the situation;

(3) Surface Treatment
Surface treatment of the injection mould is also very important. Nitride can enhance the surface hardness of steel, effectively extending the life of the mold. Mould steel plating can be effectively modified, some require high brightness and corrosion-resistant plating of plastic parts can be used to enhance and improve the properties of steel.
Collect all basic technical documents from the mould design to finish processing, such as the mission statement, parts diagrams, technical manuals, assembly drawing, mould parts diagram, underlay, mould design specification, inspection records and repair records according to the provisions of systematically sorting, stapling, numbering archived. This seems to be a lot of trouble, but it is very useful for mould maintenance and new mould designing.
Plastic injection mould

Pro/E is predominantly used to design consumer and commercial products other than automotive. In fact automotive is one industry, along with aviation/aerospace, where Pro/E is not the market leader. Pro/E leads in market share in just about every major product category in the US, outside of automotive. SolidWorks has made major inroads into these market segments, but Pro/E still prevails as the market leader for product development (injection moulding, blow moulding, die cast, sheet metal and other manufacturing techniques). From faucets to industrial instruments (lab and portable) to vacuum cleaners to computers (laptop, desktop, servers) to printers to medical equipment to toys to kitchen appliances, Pro/E was the first 3D system in these markets and to this day still holds the market lead. Again, SolidWorks has made major inroads and continues to gain ground on Pro/E. I have always likened Pro/E to VHS not "Betamax", it isn't the best CAD system around but it became the defacto standard for many, eventually DVDs knocked off VHS, so what's beyond Pro/E? SolidWorks or something even better? This is not exactly the best analogy because software isn't tangible and therefore can morph into better software, but Pro/E could get dethroned, so could SolidWorks.
There are many different ways to calculate the an injection mould price, but, they have one thing in common, that is taking efforts to make technical and economic indicators organically combine in order to produce mutual benefits. It will make the injection mould to have competitive prices from the valuation to offer, to contract and to the settlement price.

Empirical Calculation Method
Mould price=material cost + design + process and profit + VAT + tryout cost + packing and shipping cost. Usually in the ratio:
  • Material cost: materials and standard parts accounted for 15%-30% of the total cost of the injection mould;
  • Process and profit: 30%-50%;
  • Design fees: 10%-15% of the total cost;
  • Tryout cost: medium-sized mould can be controlled within 3% while small precision moulds controlled within 5%;
  • Packing and shipping cost: according to the actual or calculated at 3% of the total;
  • VAT: 17%.
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