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Silver Streaks

Causes of silver streaks
  • Gasification of material moisture and volatile liquids
  • Material decomposition
  • Material Cutting
Associate knowledge about silver streaks
Material contains trace amounts of water, in addition to causing silver streak, wave current pattern, whitening, bubbles and other undesirable phenomena will also occur. It also has bad effect on the flow ability and thermal deterioration of material.
Silver Streak

If the temperature gradient is too large, the flowing material will be easy to cut.
If gas evolution is not well in the injection mould, it can also occur silver streak.

Instant: Completely dry the material (High temperature short time drying effect is not good, it is generally dried at a temperature 85℃ for 4 hours). Moreover, increase mould temperature, decreasing heating cylinder temperature, keep warmth of the cylinder injection nozzles.
Short-term: Thicker the flow edge.
Long-term: Avoid different thickness in plastic parts design, and install a gate in the thickness.

Material differences
Most of the materials must be dried. Usually attach a dryer on the cylinder.
Some material, like PC, particularly needs to be dried. We can preheat the material in bags or cans, and then pour into dryer.
Materials such as PVC, prone to decomposition and easy to cause silver streak.

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