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The Classification of Injection Mould

The mould can be divided into below three types according to the different casting system:
  • Hot runner mould: The structure of this type mould is approximately similar with pin-point gate. The biggest difference between them is that the runner of hot runner mould is inside of one or more hot manifold and hot sprue,demoulding without cold slag, runner and gate is directly located at product, so the runner does not need to be demoulded. This system is also known as a waterless gate system, which can save raw materials,which is suitable for the higher requirements of raw materials, design and processing difficulties, and high mould cost.
hot runner mould hot runner mould
  • Edge gate mould: Runner and gate is located at paring line. Demoulding and die sinking work at the same time. The design is simple, easy to process, and the cost is lower, so more people work with the edge gate system.
edge gate mould
  • Pin-point gate mould: The runner and gate isn't located at paring line, general directly at product, so there need a set of more gate paring line. The design is complex, difficult to process, general choose pin-point gate system according to product requirement.
pin-point gate mould

Hot runner system mainly consists of hot sprue, hot manifold and temperature control box. The common hot runner system has two types, single point hot gate and multi-point hot gate. The single point hot gate makes melted plastic entering the cavity by using single hot gate sleeve,which is suitable for single cavity and gate plastic mould. The multi-point hot gate is that the melt material is branched to each hot gate sleeve through hot manifold, which is suitable for single cavity injection or multi-cavity mould.

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